Tuesday, September 5, 2023

FREE MISC. LESSON - “27 Websites for Locating Primary Sources”

by Mister Mitchell's Education Resources
1st - 12th Grade

Primary sources are defined as "works of human endeavor that were created at the time or very close to the time that is studied." Teaching with primary sources allows students to interpret information for themselves and demands of them higher level critical thinking skills.

They also provide students a "window to the past," and depending on the era or subject taught, can provide eye-opening perspectives about social and political issues, economics, artistic movements, and so much more.

The following 27 websites are my favorite resources for locating primary source materials to use in my classroom.

I have organized this document categorically: the first part of the document contains primary sources related to American history and culture, while the second part of the document focuses on more global resources.

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