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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “What Do Birds Eat? Bible-based .PDF book and activities”

by Kathleen Applebee
Pre-Kindergarten - 1st Grade

What Do Birds Eat? is a 10 page Bible-based .PDF book with a 14 page addendum of activities, resources, traceable sentences, printables and more. The repetitive text can help students build reading skills by simplifying the decoding process which leads to improved speed, increased confidence and more enjoyable reading as students quickly learn to read the text without stopping.

Activities include vocabulary matching, kinesthetic movement, rhyming, tangrams, syllables, simple engineering design of bird feeders from recycled materials.

Each page of the book has full color graphics and works well on an interactive board for whole class instruction. A secular version can be found here.

Guided repeated reading provides less skilled readers with the opportunity to hear a model of fluent reading and then practice the same passages in a way that minimizes errors. Additionally, reading aloud with others (or with the teacher) lessens the stress of reading independently and supports students who feel shy or nervous about reading aloud.Check out other freebies and related products

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Suggested protocol

Teacher reads the first 3 pages, directing students’ attention to the repetition. Teacher invites students to chorally read with him or her for the remaining pages to build confidence and motivation to read fluently and process words automatically. See the “As You Read Together” slide for a focus or target for the first read through.

On the re-readings of the text, choose a different target or focus. Do one page to model, then allow volunteers or groups choral reading the following pages, then work on the focus as you read. (some suggested small group choral reading groups are as follows: “All girls read the first sentence” OR “all boys read the statements that end with a period and all girls read the questions that end with a question mark.” By the 4th re-reading, many students will be ready to read aloud independently. Choose different activities from the learning guide to do between each reading.

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