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FREE MISC. LESSON - “Social Emotional Learning Activities - Social Skills Cards”

by The Fun Factory
Pre-Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

freeunderthesea These amazing Social-Emotional cards will help your students develop positive peer interactions. They will be encouraged to do their best and you are provided ways to acknowledge their efforts and strengths. The awesome cards also help teach students solutions to real-life problems. They are taught ways to encourage others and themselves through positive self-talkAnti-bullying lessons can be strengthened when you use these cards as a discussion starter. The cards and suggestions can be used in a variety of ways by teachers, counselors, or parents. This freebie is part of a special promotion. Find more freebies for grades PK-12 and information about giveaways HERE!

If you like this resource, you can buy the awesome complete unit HERE which contains 65 pages. Take a look. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Teachers are saying:

  • "It's SO important for students to grasp these skills early. This resource is well-made and student-friendly. Thank you so much."
  • "These are great reminders for students about how to act in class! I am very impressed with the variety of topics covered. Thanks!"

Included in this FREE resource:

  • 10 Quote cards
  • Suggestions for ways to use the cards, activities, and examples
  • Original song about being unique

Young children:

  • Need emotional training
  • Must be coached with words to use as they learn coping skills
  • Learn how to solve their conflicts without anger
  • Learn how to work and play with other children without fighting

With the above in mind, this resource can be used with very young children as well as upper elementary.

According to Daniel Goleman, childhood is "a special window of opportunity for shaping children's emotional habits." We must help children recognize and understand their emotions and the emotions of others. If children learn to persevere and accept mistakes as a natural part of learning, they will be better able to control themselves and handle their frustrations in positive ways.

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