Saturday, October 3, 2015

October--A Time for Spooktacular Spiders...and Informational Writing!

     I had a blast when I first created this resource for my second and third graders. My reading groups (grades 1-5) were telling me they wanted to read creepy Halloween-y stuff, like bats and spiders. While I had amassed a collection of "arachnidia" and "bat-phernalia" from the library, I needed more of an interactive resource for my hands-on learners. 

So, I made this Spider Facts Booktivity--an envelope book. This was great for my second graders who were good at following directions. It took a little patience for them to arrange the topic sentences, and cut out the fact book cards. But my third grade reading group really took off with this. I also had a reading group of fourth graders who could not wait to get their hands on spider-related material. When they finished, they were proud of their pocket-sized envelope books, and the idea that they could keep all their spider fact cards in one place.

This spider facts booktivity is just another way to entice kids into reading and writing about spiders, while creating a hands-on resource they can refer to again and again for either reading or writing. Consider using the components to create a lap book or a poster!  This doubles as a science/ELA lesson, which is a great way to squeeze in that extra learning time. Just so you know, this spider facts set does not make any reference to Halloween. But it does make a Halloween alternative during this spooktacular month.

Thank you for checking this out! 
And if you are not crazy about spiders, I'll understand if you don't check it out =)

CCSS aligned for informational reading and writing

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