Monday, November 9, 2015

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “Earth & Space Science + Scientific Process Classroom Clash Game - like Jeopardy”

by The Science Vault
5th - 9th Grade

This is a powerpoint game similar to Jeopardy (TM). The six topics covered are: Scientific Method, Scientific Measurement, SI Units, The Earth, Earth Processes, and Space. Each topic has six questions arranged like Jeopardy: generally, the more money the question is worth, the harder the question. Great as a review or a back-to-school launch in an Earth Science class to get an idea about what your students already know. Jeopardy games are a great way to do something fun and challenging - I like to use them as a formative assessment in the beginning of a unit (or, in this case, a course), as a review, or even the last 20 minutes of class on a Friday :)

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