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Microsoft Office 2013 Bundle

By Gavin Middleton - TeachwithTech

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Microsoft Office 2013 Lessons and Activities

1. WORD Lessons
• Bulleted and Numbered Lists
• Bold, italics, Underline
• Align and Center Text
• Inserting (Tables, Pictures, Shapes, SmartArt, Charts, Header, Page Numbers, WordArt, Textboxes, Video)
• Page Layout (Page Size, Margins, Orientation, Page Color)
• References (Table of Contents, Bibliography, Endnotes and Footnotes, Citation)
• Mailings (Labels)
• Review (Spelling and Grammar, Thesaurus)
• View (Zoom, Print and Web Layout)

WORD Activities (Instructions, Marking Scheme, Student Exemplars)
• Formatting a Document
• Setting Up a Page
• WordArt
• Creating Images using Shapes
• Using Picture Tools to Add and Move Images
• Creating a Resume

2. EXCEL Lessons
• Excel Features and Entering Information
• Rows vs. Columns
• Creating Spreadsheets
• Types of Spreadsheets

EXCEL Activities
• Creating and Formatting Spreadsheets
• Calculating and Analyzing Data

3. PUBLISHER Lessons 
• Font (Bold, Underline, italics, Color, Size, Style)
• Shapes (Insert, Re-order, Fill, Outline, Transparency)
• Pictures (Insert Online Pictures, Format Picture Style, Crop, Recolor, Brightness and Contrast)
• Text Box (Insert, Format)
• Borders and Accents
• Calendar and Page Parts
• Table (Rows, Columns, Color Scheme, Line Width and Color)
• Page Design (Background Color, Built-in Color Schemes, Margins, Page Orientation, Page Size)
• Mailings (Mail Merge)
• Review (Check Spelling, Thesaurus)
• View (Zoom into and out of Document)

PUBLISHER Activities
• Brochure
• Events Poster
• Business Cards
• Cereal Box

• Format Text (font color/style, underline, italics, bold, bulleted lists, align text)
• Changing Slide Layouts
• Creating New Slides
• Inserting Shapes, Text Boxes, Tables, WordArt, Pictures
• Arranging Shapes
• Constructing SmartArt and Charts
• Design (Slide Layout)
• Slide Backgrounds
• Transitions and Custom Animation
• Slide Show (Setting up the show)
• Review and Viewing the Presentation

POWERPOINT Activities (7 Fun Themes)
• Performing a Task
• Tech Gadget
• Comparing 2 Cell Phones
• Snack Treat
• Tech Share
• Wacky Product
• Tell Us About the First One Developed

These lessons contain instructions, screen shots, text bubbles and student exemplars to teach students how to use the software programs in Microsoft Office 2013. It also includes activities for students to perform.

UPDATE: January 2015 - More activities have been added to this bundle. This includes 2 PowerPoint activities - (Snack Treat and Tech Sharing) and a Publisher Activity - (Create a Cereal Box.)

UPDATE #2: June 2015 - PowerPoint Topics (7 Fun Themes) have been added to this bundle. This includes 5 more PowerPoint activities and student exemplars. An activity for creating a dinosaur using shapes in Microsoft Word has also been added. 

UPDATE #3: October 2015 - A "Setting Up a Page" activity has been added for Microsoft Word. It involves using margins, line spacing, page numbers, page color, header/footer and watermarks.

UPDATE #4 October 2015 - A WordArt lesson and activity has been added for Microsoft Word.

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Office 2013 Lessons Bundle

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