Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thanksgiving Pictures using Shapes in Google Drive

By Gavin Middleton

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• This activity includes screen shots and step-by-step instruction bubbles to show students how to make Thanksgiving pictures using Shapes in Google Drive Drawings

• Students can make a Turkey, Pilgrim Hat, Pumpkin or another Thanksgiving object of their choice

• This is a fun activity that allows students to learn more about Google Drive Drawings while creating an amusing holiday picture

• It also includes a simple marking scheme

This is a brand new activity, introduced just in time for Thanksgiving!

Note: You will receive 2 PDF versions of this guide... 
1. 1 Slide Per Page (Larger Screen Shots and Instructions)
2. 4 Slides Per Page (Printer Friendly)

Click on the link below to view this activity

Thanksgiving Pictures using Shapes in Google Drive

Gavin (TeachwithTech)

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