Thursday, December 31, 2015


by Judith M Darling - Razzle Dazzle
6th - 8th Grade

This FREE. STUDENT DIRECTED creative writing lesson plan increases fluency and is fun. It is a perfect beginning of the week activity to wake up the writing juices, or to use when there is extra time left and you have nothing to fill it with. Students really enjoy speed writing!

The Lesson Plan includes: 

1. Instructions on how to use the lesson plan
2. The writing process steps for teaching the plan 
3. An Idea Organizer that taps into the student's personal bank of knowledge
4. A paragraph organizer that guides the students through writing the introduction, body, and conclusion
5. Two scoring guides (one includes the six traits of writing) so students know what the expectations are, how they will be evaluated, and allows them to grade their own papers before turning it in for the final teacher evaluation.
6. An art/drawing worksheet to go along with the lesson

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