Sunday, January 21, 2018

Giant Letter Flashcards work well with programs like Jolly Phonics!

By: Laurie Fyke @ Primarily Learning
Preschool – Grade2

Phonics fun! Use these Giant Letter Flashcards, to identify, match, or sort letters and sounds!  Create words for reading... or as the students hold the cards, segment words for spelling practice!

I found my students really enjoyed these cards as they explored sounds, and created words on their own!  What a wonderful word work resource for teachers using Jolly Phonics, Reading Specialists, Title 1 Teachers, Special Education Teachers, Classroom Teachers and Parents.

Some Activity Ideas
·           Introduce the letter(s) as the sound is introduced.
·           Hand out the letters of sounds you have taught and say, “If you have the /s/ hold it high!”
·           Hand out the letters of sounds you have taught and say, “If you have one of the sounds for jump…/j-u-m-p/ come to the front.”  Talk about putting the sounds in the order they are sounded to make the word.  Ask the class to help you keep saying /j-u-m-p/.  After the sounds are in order stand at the left side and crank your arms in a circle to make a “sound machine”.  As the hands crank the sounds get closer together and… /j-u-m-p/ becomes jump! (Hand out enough cards so that each student has a turn making a word.)
·           Use a clothesline and pegs to make words.
·           Make a line in front of your favorite letter.  Tell why you like this letter.  Graph how many people liked each letter.
·           Sort the letters.  Explain your sorting rules.
·           Say the letter sound.  Reference the letter(s) to record (print) the sound.  Check your work.

Have a great day!

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