Wednesday, February 7, 2018

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “5th Grade Science TEKS Planning Guide: Our Solar System”

by The Science Penguin
5th Grade

5th Grade Science TEKS Planning Guide: Our Solar System

Who is this for?
5th grade Texas teachers using the TEKS and Science Penguin resources

What is it?
This is a two-week schedule of activities to teach students about what causes day and night and to compare and contrast the Sun, Earth, and our moon (Unit 8). The majority of the activities themselves can be found in the Texas Science Mega Bundle or on my personal website.

This is my planning guide based on 5 days a week with 60-70 minute departmentalized classes. Every campus, teacher, class, and student is different, so trust your professional judgment when planning for your students. 

Resource Bundle
Are you interested in a special Mega Bundle with the resources you need for the 5th grade science TEKS? Click to see the Mega Bundle!

Other Available Planning Guides
Scientific Method and Tools
Matter and Mixtures
Force and Motion
Natural Resources
Earth's Changes
Weather and Water

5.8C demonstrate that Earth rotates on its axis once approximately every 24 hours causing the day/night cycle and the apparent movement of the Sun across the sky
5.8D identify and compare the physical characteristics of the Sun, Earth, and Moon

NOTE: At this time, I am only able to keep up with these planning guides for the 5th grade science TEKS. I plan to make more for the other 5th grade science TEKS units.

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