Monday, April 30, 2018

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “A Pirate Story: Reading Comprehension, Inference, Writing Details”

by Growing Smart Readers
2nd - 3rd Grade

Here is an original 2-page fictional reading passage about a brave pirate named Meredith, who voyages around the world. She visits penguins in Antarctica, but eventually realizes it is time to head home. In the end, the reader discovers she was dreaming about being a pirate.

Kids read, infer, and fill in the details with their own words. It has lines after some paragraphs to encourage them to add more detail. Sentence writing and elaboration makes this reading a little more comprehensive rather than just answering questions.

The third page is a written response to making a Text to Self connection.

This original story is intended for students in grades 2-3, but good for advanced first graders. This will work for small group, independent work, literacy center, or homework.

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