Monday, April 2, 2018

GRAMMAR ROCKS! – Classroom Charts for 31 Minilessons

By: Laurie Fyke @ Primarily Learning
Kindergarten – Grade 2

GRAMMAR ROCKS! – Classroom Charts

This zipped file contains:
·       31 reproducible Classroom Charts
·       Alignment to Reading Standards for grades K-2

What a great way for children to learn about our language, improve sentence structure, story-telling and writing skills. They are an amazing addition to any grammar program and work well with Jolly Grammar!  Pick the songs you want to use from Kindergarten to Grade 3!  Follow the musical tune suggested or add the Grammar Rocks! 31 mp3’s!

As the students are learning to sing these snappy tunes you may find yourself repeating them several times. Before you know it, the children will be singing them as they line up, or during play... learning effortlessly!

A great resource for:
…if you are anything like me, you will be singing these songs over and over… even in the car!

Students, Reading Specialists, ESL, Special Education Classes, Resource Staff, Classroom Teachers, Homeschoolers and Parents.

The 31 areas of Grammar that are explored include:
·       Sentence Song
·       Proper Nouns Song
·       Common Nouns Song
·       Alphabetical Order Song
·       “a” or “an” Song
·       Plurals Song
·       Pronouns Song
·       Verbs Song
·       Regular Past Tense Song – Verbs
·       Conjugated Verbs: Present Tense Song
·       Conjugated Verbs: Past Tense Song
·       Conjugated Verbs: Future Tense Song
·       Conjugated Verbs: Irregular Verb “to be” / Simple Present Tense Song
·       Conjugated Verbs: Irregular Verb “to be” / Simple Past Tense Song
·       Conjugated Verbs: Past Tense / “Tricky Past” Song
·       Adjectives Song
·       Compound Words Song
·       Speech Marks Song
·       Synonyms that Rock!
·       Possessive Adjectives Song
·       Adverbs Song
·       Antonym Song
·       Question Rap
·       Commas in a List Song
·       Commas in Speech Song
·       Exclamation Mark Song
·       Homonym Song
·       Conjunctions Song
·       Prefix, Suffix, Comparative, Superlative Song
·       Contractions Song
·       Prepositions Song
That’s 31 Minilessons in Grammar!

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