Monday, August 27, 2018

FREE MATH LESSON - “5.2A Math RTI Resource”

by SchoolBoxTreasures
5th Grade

This will be free for a limited time! This is the beginning in a huge project I am currently working on. Feel free to leave feedback so I know you would like to see more! If you have some suggestions or catch any errors, please email me at so I may get those fixed and this product updated! When this project is complete I will have one of these for each TEK for 5th grade. Possibly other grades if teachers seem to really need and like this! :) So let me know! Please comment on the facebook post for this product at for any suggestions that you would love to see so that I can possibly work those in as I would on finishing the remainder of this project! Thanks again :)

Please note this is for assessment purposes: So you would give the class the pre assessment. Those who master out will do the alternate assignment you have for them or a learning contract activity. Those who did not master out, would meet at your table to work on the skills. You may use any activities you have to teach and practice the skill. The Practice 1 and Practice 2 sheets, are there as quick checks and work samples that you can use as an exit ticket to your table or as part of your practice work. The assessment 1 or 2 would be completed at the end of the week or time period assigned to check for growth. 

This product contains a pre-assessment for 5.2A whole numbers and a pre-assessment for 5.2A decimals. There are two "weeks" of practice questions for small group assessment (RTI) for wholes and then for decimals. There are also 2 assessments with 10 questions each for wholes and then decimals.

This could be used for RTI, small group table, tutoring, whole class, staar spiral review and more!

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