Monday, August 13, 2018

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Clock Buddies & Clock Partners”

by Tanya Rae Teaches
1st - 5th Grade

Use Clock Buddies to quickly and easily pair students for partnered activities. This is an excellent way to avoid students always partnering with the same person, or partnering with someone they might not work well with. When you need your class to work in partners, just call out the time spot that is appropriate, "Get with your six o'clock buddies." Note: For older students, you can change the name to "Clock Partners".

This packet gives you many choices to print different sizes of blank Clock Buddies charts. For example, you might want to use the smaller ones on students' desks, or the large one to put in students' folders or binders. 

Included in this packet:
Page 1 - Cover
Page 2 - Introduction to Clock Buddies: What are Clock Buddies? Page 3 - Directions on how to successfully set them up and use them in your classroom, and other tips.
Page 4 - An example of a filled out Clock Buddy chart.
Page 5 - Set of 4 small, blank Clock Buddies charts (cut out and attach to students' desk or notebooks for easy access).
Page 6 - Set of 2 medium, blank Clock Buddies charts (can cut out and attach to students' desks or notebooks for easy access).
Page 7 - One large Clock Buddy chart to be placed in a student's binder or folder.
Page 8 - One large Clock Partner chart to be placed in a student's binder or folder.
Pages 9 & 10 - Store information, TOU & Credit
Separate PowerPoint File - Blank, EDITABLE class chart to keep track of all your Clock Buddies.

Here's to a great, successful school year!
~Tanya Rae Teaches

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