Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Presenting...Teacher Talk's Featured Author...Vicky Rauch!

It's TEACHER TALK'S Featured Author
August 2018

Vicky Rauch

I've been teaching since "the earth cooled". My husband also teaches, and together, we've been doing it for 80+ years! I currently teach "mathphobics" at a local community college. Math is my specialty, and I believe anyone can learn this dreaded subject if taught correctly. My classroom is always energetic and includes many hands-on activities. Occasionally I sing, show math movies, and even do a few math cheers! I currently teach mathphobics on the college level. (Students who failed to qualify to take College Algebra.)

I have been married to the same handsome man for 48 years and we have three grown children and 13 grandchildren from all over the world. (5 biological and 8 adopted)  I am the one with the sunglasses. All of our children and grandchildren (except one) live within 20 minutes of our house. Since our oldest grandson now lives and works in another city, we represented him with his “big” head.

The Name of my store is Scipi Products (Sci is for science because my husband teaches science, and pi is for math because I teach math). As you may have guessed, we sell math and science products!

My Favorite Free Product...
Number Tiles is a FREE seven page resource containing four different math problem solving activities for the grades 5-8. The activities extend from addition and multiplication, to using the divisibility rules. Students solve the Number Tile Math Activities by arranging ten number tiles, numbered 0-9. Each problem is given on a single page, and each activity varies in difficulty which is suitable for any diverse classroom. 

 My best-selling (and loved) product...
My geometry crossword puzzles sell very well. Because they are so popular, I made a bundle of them that contains seven different crossword puzzles that emphasize geometric vocabulary. Included are two crosswords about circles, two that highlight polygons (quadrilaterals and triangles), two concerning angles and one with an emphasis on lines, points, and angles.

My favorite product...
My favorite item in my store is a Math Dictionary which took me forever to make. I found the glossaries and mini dictionaries in the back of most of the math books were inadequate and lacking in visuals; so, I created one. It is 30 pages and uses easy and clear definitions as well as formulas and examples so that students can learn and understand new math words without difficulty or cumbersome language.  Most definitions include diagrams and/or illustrations for the visual learner.  Over 300 common math terms are organized alphabetically for quick reference.

The best thing about being a TBOTEMC member...
I love the sense of community this group gives me. I finally met seven of the members (including Vicky which is also my name) when we had lunch together at the TPT Conference in Nashville. They are a fun group with a passion for teaching.
Where can you find me?
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