Friday, December 20, 2019

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Coming of Age Freebie Common Core Literature Rigor”

by James Whitaker
5th - 12th Grade

[Literary Genre Series]
by James D. Whitaker

If you are really interested in teaching Coming of Age on a whole new enthralling level please think about purchasing Coming of Age Genre Unit Resource:

Coming of Age Unit Resource--220+ Pages!

Product/Materials Preface [Grades 6-12]

I have provided 5 high order thinking resources to use with any Coming of Age novel or film.

1 Intro Micro-Lesson and Suggested Texts and Films
> 1 Advanced Coming of Age Metaphorical Theory Mini-Lesson (In Color and B&W)
> 1 Accompanying Text Based Graphic Organizer &
> 2 Coming of Age Tri-Folds

This freebie offers high order thinking concepts and philosophies so that your students will become immersed in this literary genre. This resource will inspire students to embrace literature in new ways. The driving imagery for this unit is a DNA Helix and a Butterfly because they represent adaptation and transformation.

All of my graphic organizers are strikingly original. Use the graphic organizers with any Coming of Age story including picture books, chapter books, short stories, novels, films, plays, etc. You can most of the templates for centers, independent reading, guided reading, literature circles, books clubs, group work, homework, assessments—you are only limited by your imagination!

Please feel free to ask any questions—
I will definitely respond to all inquiries in a timely fashion.

Please, check out my other products and resources: SophistThoughts™

Hopefully my products will help strengthen your lessons, help your students learn, and make your life easier. Thank you and enjoy! J.D. Whitaker

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All rights reserved by author.
Permission to copy for single classroom use only.
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