Sunday, December 22, 2019

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Discussion Role Cards”

by Spark Creativity
7th - 10th Grade

Ever feel like your discussions have fallen into a rut? Want to see your students learn how to participate in new ways and improve their understanding of group dynamics?
From the Reviews:
  • "OMG! I'm so excited to put these cards to good use. I always feel like students do not know how to have a quality academic discussion, despite my efforts to provide resources, practice, and models. Giving them a focused role has to help. Love the reflection at the end!"
  • "This is a different and challenging twist on giving students roles in a discussion circle. I really look forward to using this and seeing how my students improve in their confidence and facility with these roles as the year goes on. Thank you!"
  • "These are going to work so well in literature circles with my middle schoolers."
Print and cut out this fun assortment of cards, then pass them out secretly to some or all of your students before an ELA discussion.
Students will take on roles such as "Clarifier," "Textual Guru," and "21st Century Representative."
Watch as the discussion is enriched as students rapidly learn there are new ways to participate. Collect the cards and pass them out again on another day for a brand new discussion experience.
What's Inside:
  • Educator's Guide
  • 2 Pages of 8 Cards
  • 1 Page of Empty Frames for Make-Your-Own Cards (allowing you or your students to choose some areas to focus on)
  • Discussion Reflection Guide
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