Sunday, March 27, 2022

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “Mystery Doug Response in Google Forms™ Rocks, Minerals & Fossils Lesson 1”

by Jo Jo's Jungle
2nd - 5th Grade

Are you looking for Science materials for distance learning? Or do you use Mystery Science/Mystery Doug regularly throughout the year? Here is a Google Form all ready to go for one of Mystery Doug's videos "Why does this rock look like a sponge?". The link in the form will be accessible until June 30th. After that, you can join Mystery Doug for free and receive weekly videos by email. If you've never seen him, do yourself a favor and check him out! Enjoy!

Other Lessons:

Lesson 2 Rocks, Minerals & Fossils-Mystery Doug

Lesson 3 How Fossils are Formed-Interactive Website

Lesson 4 How Fossils are Formed Part 2-Interactive Website

Lesson 5 of How are diamonds and other minerals made? - Mystery Doug

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