Thursday, September 1, 2022

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “FREE Quick Writes - Daily Writing Practice for ONE Week”

6th - 9th Grade

Challenge your students to write more for ONE WEEK! The FREE NO PREP Daily Quick Writes in 5 Minutes offer 5 writing practice activities and worksheets for your ELA students. The resource encourages a whole writing experience in the shortest possible time while exploring a large variety of topics, critical thinking and personal response. Perfect for middle school and low high school students and homeschooling.


1. 5 engaging writing prompts - 2 writing cards of the same prompt per page to save paper.

2. A mini poster of how to use the 5 minute quick write

3. Teacher's instructions

Do you like this resource? There's more!

Grab the Quick Writes In 5 Minutes Daily Practice Bundle with 300 Creative and Fast Writing Prompts!

Topics of the 300 writing prompts:

  1. Fiction story
  2. Nonfiction
  3. Fast thinking
  4. Poetry response
  5. Funny and weird
  6. Motivational quotes
  7. Spring
  8. Summer
  9. Fall/Autumn
  10. Winter

*This resource can be shared with EASEL by TPT.


1. The multitude of writing prompts covers a wide range of possible topics in one single resource

2. The creative prompts can be used with ease as bell ringers, time fillers, early finishers or in creative writing elective.

3. The quick write will foster a habit of writing on a daily basis in short intervals, totally manageable by students.

4. Print and go without extensive preparation for the class

5. No need for other writing pads or notebooks as the students can write directly on the piece of prompt paper or online by using the EASEL extension.


1. You can have a wider base of selection when it comes to choosing the best writing bell ringers for your class.

2. You do not have to worry about what you will do next at the beginning of the class.

3. You can increase students’ motivation for writing, build students’ confidence and improve students’ stamina and fluency in writing.

4. You do not need to prepare in advance as all the instructions are in place.

5. Your students will not get tired and will perceive writing as a thing they can do with ease.


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