Sunday, September 18, 2022

FREE SOCIAL STUDIES LESSON - “Amazing Mummy Facts! Possible Interactive Notebook Activity!”

by Gail Hennessey
4th - 8th Grade

Ancient Egypt and mummies go together like peanut butter and jelly! Halloween is also a great time to discuss mummies. This resource includes lots of mummy facts as well as extension activities and great resources! It's FREE.....

Here are some of my other resources on Ancient Egypt:

Other resources you may find of interest:

1. Play on King Tut(Lots of information on mummies and the most famous mummy of all!) King Tut, A Reader's Theater Script

2. Learn about Ramses the Great with this Reader's Theater Script:

Ramses the Great, A Reader's Theater Script

3. Review activity: Mystery Message solved using key vocabulary words about Egypt: Ancient Egyptian Secret Message Review Activity

4. Egypt: Unit with notes, web quest, activities and resources! Let's Explore Ancient Egypt

5. Hatshepsut, the woman who became KING of ancient Egypt. Use this Reader's Script as a fun/informative lesson on this famous woman in history. Hatshepsut, Woman Ruler of Ancient Egypt: A Reader's Theater Script

6.Kids love mummies. Great for Halloween time(or for a unit of study on ancient Egypt) Learn all about mummies of the world. Included: Bog Mummies, Otzi, Chinchorro Mummies, Taklamakan Desert Mummies, Egyptian Mummies and more. 12 informative text questions/comprehension questions/extension activities, key, fun facts. MUMMIES: A Webquest


1. BOOK Fun Facts(great for National Library Day, 4/15 and Library of Congress Day, 4/24: Book Fun Facts

2.Earth Day Freebie: Earth Day Freebie

3. Women' s History Month Freebie: Women's History Month Freebie

4. Black History Month Freebie: Black History Month Freebie

5. Pumpkin Facts: Pumpkin Fun Facts

6. April Fools’ Day Freebie: April Fools’ Day Freebie

7. Amazing Chinese New Year Factoids: Chinese New Year Factoids

8. King Tut Day Freebie: King Tut Day Freebie

9.Amazing Presidential Fun Facts: Presidential Factoids

10. Learn about Diwali: Diwali Fun Facts

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