Saturday, April 11, 2015

Classroom Decor- Summer Themed Decorations

Summer Themed Classroom Decor- Bright & Fun Edition

The past two years, I have had a summer theme in my speech room!  Once everything is set up, it really creates a fun, festive environment.  I made two summer themed styles for people to pick from.  I used this bright and fun edition because I love the bold colors.  Grab this set here!

Summer Themed Classroom Deccor- Sunny & Sweet Edition

If you like more reds and yellows in your classroom then this set will definitely add some color to your room!  Grab that set here!

I am hoping to find some beach chairs and other fun accessories at some garage sales this spring to continue the fun!

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  1. I just love summer parties and summer theme decoration for a normal party will be a great idea for me. I have hired party places in the Bronx and this theme will suit perfect for my party idea as well as the venue I have hired.