Saturday, April 25, 2015

End of the Year Memory Book  - Kindergarten

It is hard to believe that we are actually approaching the end of the school year!! A fun activity that I enjoy doing over the last few weeks of school is a memory book! This fun memory book creates a wonderful keepsake for your kindergarten students. Pages are in black and white to save on expensive ink, and pages are not numbered, so you can pick and choose what you want to use (or have time for)! The following pages are included:

**Cover – color and black and white options
**Look How I’ve Grown
** All About Me 
**My Favorite Things 
**My School
**My Teacher
**My Teacher’s Aide 
**My Class 
**My Classmates
**My Friends – Copy this page as many times as needed. 
**So Many New Things 
**I’m a Super Learner 
**Favorite Books 
**Playing Outside 
**Fun Field Trips
**For the First Time 
**Favorite Memory 
**So Silly 
**Summer Plans 
**Goals for Next Year 
**I’m So Thankful 
**A Note from My Teacher 

Hope you enjoy!


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