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End of the Year Arithmetic Game and Worksheet Bundle (Grades 2-4 & Special Education)

Deann Marin Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs II

Has it ever seemed like the school year will never end and you find yourself counting the days and hours until summer vacation? You need some fun learning and reinforcement activities for your class because they are already on vacation. I've been there and I know exactly how it feels, so, I've created an End of the Year Arithmetic Game and Worksheet Bundle that may help do the trick.

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Click the image to go to my Tpt Store

This is an end of the year arithmetic fact review that can be used for grades 2-4 and Special Education it consists of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts from 1-12. All of the facts are on flash cards that may be used for the card game, “Spring into Summer War,” and the board game, “Spring Up, or Fall Down.” There are answer sheets for the class to use to make sure they have said the correct answer. When games are finished, there are worksheets that can be used as class work or homework. Just for fun, some pictures are at the end for coloring.
What's Inside:

Pages 4-7        Instructions for Teacher

Page 8            Spring Up or Fall Down Game Board

Pages 10-12     Addition Tables Answer Sheets
Pages 13 52     Addition Cards
Pages 54-56     Subtraction Tables Answer Sheets
Pages 57-80     Subtraction Cards
Pages 82-84     Multiplication Tables Answer Sheets
Pages 85-122    Multiplication Cards
Pages 124-126  Division Tables Answer Sheets
Pages 127-166  Division Cards
Pages 168-183  Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication
                      & Division Worksheets
Pages 184-200 Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication
                     & Division Answer Sheets
Pages 201-202 Pages to Color

Graphics by 
My Cute Graphics
Ta-Doodles Illustrations
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