Friday, April 24, 2015

English Language Arts - Writing a Children's Book - A response to literature

Evaluation - No prep
                 Just print it and go!

Excellent evaluation!

Great way to end a unit.

This evaluation has been designed as a response to literature, but can easily be used on its own. At the end of a novel study (short stories, plays, any literature really), students are asked to take one of the themes from the novel and apply it to a children’s story.

What is being assessed?

-students’ understanding of theme
-students’ understanding of elements of plot
-students’ understanding of figures of speech
-and so much more…

What is included in the evaluation?

-The sheet with directions
-The work process sheets for students (students list their themes, characters, plot graph…)
-Evaluation sheet

In addition, the evaluation has been saved in a Word document for easy modifications.

All you have to do it print it and give it to students.

It's teaching made easy!

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