Thursday, April 30, 2015


Infinite Worksheets: Addition

Tired of searching Google Images for free addition worksheets that are worth what you pay for them? Do you find those yearly subscription services are overpriced? “Infinite Worksheets: Addition” is the solution for you! This PC/Mac compatible software gives you access to 159 unique addition worksheets: Speed Drills (10), Computation (33), Picture Addition (24), In/Out Boxes (12), US & Canada Currency (10), Telling Time (18), Fractions (4), Skip Counting (20), Inequalities (14) and Decimals & Money (14).

Do you have students that need additional help? Do you need multiple versions of the same worksheet to measure progress over time? Every time you select a worksheet all the examples change! Use the “Key” button to toggle between the worksheet and the answer sheet. Both can either be printed or saved as a JPEG file. Ideal for those who want to keep digital copies of their worksheets! TPT sellers are free to add created materials to their products without restrictions.

See how easily worksheets can be created by watching the following video:

Infinite Worksheets:
Sampler (Free)

“Infinite Worksheets: Sampler” is a free computer program (PC/Mac) which allows you to select from a catalog of 10 sample worksheets from my Addition, Subtraction and In/Out Boxes Infinite Worksheets products. The software is fully functional and allows you to create copies in a matter of minutes. Completed worksheets can either be printed or saved as a jpeg image to be inserted into digital content. With the touch of a button an answer sheet can be produced. There are no copyright limitations so worksheet image files can be inserted into commercially sold products. Need an additional copy with different examples? Every time you select a worksheet you create a new, unique version. Like what you see? Check out the full versions!

The Golf of Mexico
(Free Activity)

Villainy, Inc is an animated story about Dr. Eugene Wick, ID, and his sidekick Platypus. Wick and "Platy" have ridiculously goofy plans to take over the world. Use your math skills to make sure Wick never succeeds.

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