Monday, September 14, 2015

Kindergarten Math Module Whole Group Assessment BUNDLE

If you are using the Kindergarten Math Modules (Eureka Math), you know that the one-on-one interview style assessments are incredibly time consuming! My first year using the modules, I struggled to get through all of my interviews before the next assessments were due! To save time and headaches, I've created WHOLE GROUP module assessments. They test the same skills, strategies and Common Core standards, but in a paper and pencil test format. They have each saved me days of assessing! Try out one and if you love how much time it saves you, come back for the rest! Each assessment comes with a perfectly aligned, easy to use rubric that grades on a scale of 1-4. 

Click the pictures below to preview each assessment.  

UPDATE: I have compiled a BUNDLE that saves you time downloading all of the different assessments and saves you close to $3 as well. Check it out!!

Individual Module Assessments:

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