Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Days of Yore

I wrote in a blog post recently that, if TeachersPayTeachers had been around my first year teaching, I might have shaved off a couple of panic attacks. That was 1990. I had a Brother word processor on a small table in my classroom, and that was it. No Internet. No apps. No Twitter. No Periscope. We were still bubbling in our grades on a Scantron, for heaven's sake! Now we have it all at our fingertips, but sometimes, going old school can prevent a headache or two. My English Teacher's Ultimate Binder (all nine ELA versions of it) might just prevent a panic attack or two on your end. Enjoy.
This teacher binder is only $5.00 and offers 98 fabulous pages of happy organization. A few of the sections are shown below.

There is a variety of lesson plan templates, one of which offers a comprehensive list of strategies.

The Internet does go down sometimes, and I always like to have a paper copy of my attendance and grades handy.

The data tracking sheets list each Common Core standard. As you work with formative assessment tools, bubble in or check off the skills in which students are demonstrating proficiency.

Here's my favorite part! Each Common Core standard is spelled out, and there's space to explain how you are addressing it. Did you embed? Teach directly? Assess? Re-teach?

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