Monday, September 7, 2015

English Language Arts - Poetry Unit for Intermediate Students (NO PREP)

This unit is appropriate for a grade 10 - 11 levels.

Poetry is a very subjective form of art. Some poems you love and others, you hate. What we need to realize is that this is the beauty of poetry we must appreciate. Poetry is not a mystery to be solved. Rather, it is the masterful manipulation of language that has the power to transform the ordinary and to immerse its reader into the world created by the author.

This unit incorporates art to help students understand and appreciate the beauty within words. In addition, students will learn how to analyse themes in poetry through paintings and art work.

Each lesson focuses on a different skill set including:

- Knowledge and manipulation of figurative and poetic language
- How to read and understand (appreciate) poetry
- How to analyse poetry
- How to annotate poetry
- How to paraphrase effectively
- How to use symbols
- How to effectively develop themes from poetry

The unit includes a student packet (20 pages), a teacher packet (with 8 complete lessons), and a comprehensive answer key with annotations for poem (with 17 pages). See preview for more details.

Poets studied include:

- Billy Collins
- Anne Marriott
- Phyllis Gotlieb
- Edgar Allan Poe
- Robert Frost
- John Crowe Ransom

The unit also included:
- A Jeopardy game to review figurative language and poetic devices (PPT)
- A flashcard activity to teach symbolism
- A final culminating evaluation with evaluation rubric (left in Word format for easily made modifications)

There is a total of 59 pages included in this unit.

The unit has been created in such a way as to simplify the teacher’s life. Photocopy the 3 packages included and don’t worry about it for the rest of the unit. You literally can begin teaching it without any other preparation.

It's teaching made easy!

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