Friday, August 16, 2019

FREE MATH LESSON - “Grade 2 - 10 or 100 More or 10 or 100 Less - Match Game - FREEBIE”

by Math MindEd Teaching
2nd Grade

This activity is part of one of the MAJOR content clusters for SECOND grade of using place value understanding and properties of operations to add and subtract. Second graders must be able to mentally add 10 or 100 to a given number 100-900, and mentally subtract 10 or 100 from a given number 100-900. In this activity, students will match a base-ten picture question card with the correct answer card.
Directions to the Teacher: Print and cut out task cards for students. You may choose to laminate for future use. Print and make copies of the Recording Sheet for students. This is a great activity for a math center, math workstation, or independent practice.
32 Matching Cards
16 Base Ten Picture Question Cards
8 10 More/Less Question Cards
8 100 More/Less Question Cards
16 Answer Cards
Recording Sheet
Answer Key
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