Thursday, October 26, 2017

FREE MATH LESSON - “Place Value Assessment ~ Tens & Ones ~ 1st Grade Common Core”

by Foreman Fun
Kindergarten - 1st Grade

5 assessments for CCSS NBT.B.2 with 4 questions each. Perfect for exit slips, monitoring growth throughout a unit, or assessing for standards based report cards. 

Skills Include:
Identifying a number with a certain amount of tens/ones.
Writing how many tens/ones are in a number.
Writing a number with a certain amount of tens/ones.
Modeling 10s & 1s with base 10 blocks.
Counting base 10 blocks to determine the number shown.

Want more? Check out my store for an assessment pack that has 52 assessments covering all of the 1st grade NBT standards. Including more 10s & 1s assessments with place value blocks. 
1st Grade NBT Math Standards Assessment Pack

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