Sunday, October 29, 2017

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Failure is an Option: A Growth Mindset Toolkit FREE SAMPLE”

by Rainbow City Learning
3rd - 5th Grade

The ability to accept failure, learn from the experience, and move forward is an important part of having a growth mindset. Too many of our students, used to praise for even a small effort, feel crushed and defeated when they fail at something. Acceptance of failure while taking a close look at what may have gone wrong is a vital skill set for all of us. I have created this toolkit with acceptance of failure in mind, maybe even a celebration of failure as a growth opportunity!

This sample resource contains:
“Escape Cards” which students can turn in as permission to abandon a project that isn’t progressing well. You, of course, decide how many of these a student may use during the grading period or year.
“Two Stars and a Wish” feedback cards that students can use for peer evaluation and discussion of projects in progress.
One color poster and one coloring page

The full paid resource also contains:
“Escape Journal” for students to document their efforts and learning in a failed project.
Inspirational signs for classroom display in color and grayscale
Coloring pages with a theme of accepting failure
Brag tags in color and grayscale to award to students who have had the courage to abandon a project that isn’t working, and to move forward with a growth mindset

The full resource can be found here: Failure is an Option Full Resource

I look forward to hearing how embracing failure changes your classroom practices!

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