Monday, October 9, 2017

Halloween Speech and Language Activity Kit

by Kathy Babineau
Grades K-4

This Halloween fun pack includes a variety of colored Halloween themed language picture cards, and black/white reproducible worksheets, as well as two cute game boards for some spooky learning fun! Mix the cards up and use them together for mixed groups, or use particular sets to address specific skills:)

This kit includes:
*Cover Page
*Contents Page
*Irregular Past Tense Verb Cards (11 irregular and 1 regular) 
*Halloween Idiom Cards (18)
*"Name 3!" Categorical Naming/Word Finding Cards (12)
*Multiple Meaning Cards (12)
*Gross Motor Following Directions Cards (6)
*Picture Cards without text (12)
*Picture Cards with text (12)
*Receptive Riddles (riddles to read aloud to students)
*Directions/Ideas for using card sets
*Halloween Game Boards (2)
*Explain the Idiom Worksheet 
*Halloween Acrostic Worksheet
*Halloween Word Generator Worksheet
*Halloween Semantic Word Map Worksheet
*Glyph worksheets
*Scrambled Word Worksheet
*Hink Pinks worksheet
*Writing Prompts

Kathy Babineau

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