Wednesday, October 4, 2017

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “Survival Kit in A Sandwich Bag”

by UtahRoots
1st - 6th Grade

Survival Kit in a Sandwich Bag is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a list of materials and directions for making a simple inexpensive survival kit that can keep a child (or an adult) safe if they get lost while camping or hiking. 

The kit comes from my 15 years of experience as an outdoor education leader, and more than 50 years of camping and hiking in Utah, which is the nature lover’s Nirvana, but sadly also a state where people die every year because they fail to make simple easy preparations for emergencies in the wilderness. 

Commercial survival kits are expensive. They often contain completely useless or even dangerous materials. And they aren’t kid-friendly. 

The survival kit explained in this free resource uses only easily available inexpensive materials that are actually better than many commercial survival kits, and are easy to use – even by young children – to help them stay warm and dry and signal for help while searchers are looking for them. And it all fits in a sandwich bag.

This is a great project for camp counselors, youth group leaders, summer school teachers, and parents to do with kids!

It’s free. What have you got to lose? Just download it!

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