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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “FREE “ab” family word work packet – 10 words, no prep spelling packet, 40+ pages”

by Spelling and Technology
Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

“ab” word work packet – 10 words, no prep spelling packet, 40+ pages

-ab spelling packet using 10 words with 28 different activities, over 40 pages of printable fun and learning :o); great for differentiated learning.

Choose one activity or many for your students to practice the given words. Teachers and students love the independence that comes with repetition of each activity - these activities can be used for word work, independent work, group instructions, morning work, spelling centers, literacy centers and/or homework as well as to supplement your existing curriculum as an intervention strategy.

This is a great NO-PREP, fun, interactive and engaging word work bundle of printable activities. These lessons are presented in a PDF file that can easily be printed and distributed, without any adjustment necessary on your part. The activities are open-ended enough to support or supplement other lesson plans and activities regarding language, but they contain enough content and instruction to stand alone if preferred. From tracing and flash cards to do it yourself word searches, you will find many word work activities to choose from.

View our YouTube video so you see how our packets work and get ideas on how to use this word work in your classroom:

Contents/activities of the packet shown below:

Spelling word waterfalls

Write each spelling word three times each.

Write a spelling word on each line, going from shortest to longest.

Hold the presses!

Practice Spelling Test Spelling Test

Make three words using your spelling words

Flash Cards

Tracing Flash Cards

Read, trace, write

Word Search

A-B-C Order

Scrabble Spelling Spelling Cube

Spelling Decahedron

Fill in the shapes with the letters from your spelling words

Color in the bubble words

Fill in your spelling words in the shapes

Trace, Write, ABC, New Word

Syllable clap

Unscramble and Write

Word Work Bracelets

One practice sheet for each word (10 pages)

More great NO-PREP, fun, interactive and engaging word work printable activities

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