Saturday, March 3, 2018

Why is Visual Discrimination Important? What is it?

By: Laurie Fyke @ Primarily Learning
Preschool – Grade 1

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As a child continues to learn about the world around him. Visual Discrimination and Visual Memory Skills are developing.  He recognizes family and friends.  He is able to name and identify familiar animals, (e.g., cat, dog, rabbit) objects, (e.g., table, chair, cup, spoon, car) and foods (e.g., apple, orange, banana, toast).  He can identify and name farm and zoo animals.

Visual Discrimination is a general title that also includes:
  • ·       visual discrimination,
  • ·       visual sequencing
  • ·       figure ground and
  • ·       visual memory skill development.

Visual Discrimination: Activities like sorting shapes strengthen a child's observational skills … a process that enables the brain to interpret visual information. 

Visual Sequencing: Creating or following patterns, or building a snowman lead to  being able to remember sequencing of letters for reading and writing or numbers for math activities.

Figure Ground: Finding “Waldo” challenges the brain to search for a hidden picture among lots of visual images.  Playing games like “I Spy” or going on a scavenger hunt also develop the ability to visually locate and identify shapes and object embedded in a busy background.

Visual Memory: To a child a chair is a chair no matter which way you flip or turn it.  Now we tell them that the symbols for letters and numbers may look similar, but they have different meanings!  Learning to identify and name colors and shapes helps to develop visual memory skills.

Please Note: Classroom resources are needed to do these tasks.

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