Saturday, March 24, 2018

Same and Different: Sort and Classify Sea Creatures

By: Laurie Fyke @ Primarily Learning
Preschool – Grade 1

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(14 Sea Creatures x 8 colors)

Sorting tasks:

        Use visual discrimination skills to sort the animals by color, shape, size, direction, or other common features. 
        Begin with teacher-directed tasks, or class demonstrations when learning how to sort.  (Use one attribute, e.g. color or shape for an initial sort.  Then add a second attribute, color and shape, etc.)

        Invite the children to play with the material and think of their own sorting rule. Be aware of individual differences.   Support and encourage the learning.  After the sort ask, “What is your sorting rule?”  Invite them to share their reasoning, “Tell me why this animal is here.”  “Why did you use the bears?” Encourage them to “think about their thinking.” Take opportunities to extend the learning.

        CREATE AND EXTEND PATTERNS!  (Use sentence strips to provide a visual line for the sequence.)  e.g.
        a b a b a b
        aa bb aa bb aa bb
        abc abc abcabc
        abbc  abbc abbc
        aabbc aabbc aabbc

        Use some of the 8 sorting circles provided.
        Use divided trays from the dollar store.
        Paper plates and hula-hoops  make good sorting rings.
        As the children gain skills, add a Venn diagram.  

Mathematical concepts and language learning… they all overlap! 

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Note: These sorts and classify cards are available in a BUNDLE or as single units.
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