Saturday, May 4, 2019

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Digital Journal Prompts in Google Slides - Anytime Freebie”

by Tessa Maguire
1st - 3rd Grade

These Digital Journal Prompts in Google Slides engage students in ongoing practice with prompt writing in a digital format. Digital journal writing builds digital literacy skills, keyboarding skills, and familiarity with real-life publishing tools, while also giving students an opportunity to independently apply spelling, grammar, and writing skills. This type of embedded, every day practice is invaluable. While there are so many other needs for writing instruction time, journal writing has taken a backseat in many classrooms. Journal prompt writing gives students a chance to practice writing in response to prompts and needing to answer the question on the spot, which is often needed on assessments.
These Digital Journals come in two formats to best meet your and your students needs:
✔slide images that you can use to create your own Powerpoint or Google Slides and share with your students
✔a predesigned Google Slides file you can customize and share for student use. This Anytime Freebie includes 10 different journal prompts that can be used anytime of the year.
These Digital Journal Prompts in Google Slides can be used as morning work, homework, work during e-learning days, and as an independent writing task during literacy centers or reading and writing workshop. After establishing and demonstrating expectations with students, they can independently access and complete the prompts wherever they have online access.
If students have technology available at home, this is a great way to have writing as part of their homework. Giving students a prompt to complete at night a couple times a week is an easy way to have meaningful writing assignments as part of homework, which is often difficult to accomplish. The link can be shared the same way it would in the classroom, or in digital communication with parents.
This is a small, free version of my Digital Journal Prompts in Google Slides. There are 30 prompt versions for every month of the school year, as well as a bundle featuring a bonus set of prompts. There are 30 for each month so you can offer students a variety of choices while not completing all of them, or so that you can send a few home as homework or to be used during instruction. You can access each of the other versions by clicking the links below.
✏ Paperless: Cuts down on your copying & paper quotas, and reduces paper use.
✏ Accessible: Can be used on any device students have internet and browser access.
✏ Tech focused: Helps build students' skills with technology.
✏ Writing improves: Daily writing helps students practice grammar, spelling, and writing skills in small ways each day.
✏ Little Prep: It takes less than a minute to customize the Google Slide for your classroom and share it with students.
✏ Routines: Using these each month make expectations routine so students and parents know what to expect.
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