Sunday, May 26, 2019

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “Free! Set of 4 Baby Animals Accordion Books (Informational Text)”

by Growing Smart Readers
Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

This resource contains nonfiction or informational text (condensed) on 4 different baby animals. These mini books are a great way to encourage hesitant readers. Struggling readers are more apt to read text that is in a fun format.
The content for each of these 4 animals comes in 2 formats:
*accordion pocket booklet / foldable booklet
*one page (written almost like a newsletter)
The information is identical, but presented in 2 different ways.
Making these little pocket books lets your students interact with print and paper. Book arts (origami and book-making) often appeals to the struggling reader. They love taking a sheet of paper and turning it into a simple book.
Directions on how to make an accordion pocket booklet
4 mini accordion pocket booklets (foldables) on these mammals:
BABY BEARS (Brown Bears)
4 Fact Sheets on each topic (same information, different format!)
2 Writing templates (combine as a report or hand out separately)
4 Pockets to choose from (These will hold the mini accordion booklets.)
Photos of sample mini accordion booklets
Many kids are hesitant when they see informational text in a regular book. But when they see the same volume of text in a mini book form, they are less apt to give up or refuse to read. First graders and second graders find mini books fun to read and take home. Third graders, too, who are reading below grade level, will discover how fun and easy these little books are. Foldables or mini accordion books, can be a tool to encourage students to read.
These little informational books contain basic content (animal science) vocabulary as well. I hope your students (regardless of their reading levels), have success with these mini books. These mini books were written to target a second grade reading level. They do not contain all the facts about these animals, but they do have some fun facts to keep kids interested and comprehend what they are reading. It’s fun to collect them and keep them in a pocket. There are 4 templates to choose from: 3 with graphics…and one for kids to make their own “custom” pocket book holder.
You will also find the same topics in a different format…with facts all on one sheet, presented without making folds.
This set is suitable for after school programs, homework, tutoring, summer programs, literacy centers, and independent work.
Check their reading comprehension with the writing activity that goes with this set!
Thank you for checking this out!
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