Thursday, May 30, 2019

FREE SOCIAL STUDIES LESSON - “Great Plains Indians Parfleche Templates: FREEBIE!”

by Unitedtoteach
3rd - 8th Grade

The Great Plains Native Americans carried around many items in a parfleche. Students can compare that to a modern-day portfolio or brief case. A Great Plains Native Americans study would look great with these templates, as students can store all of their information within the parfleche by forming pockets on the inside to carry their items. They can also staple maps and other full page (non-foldable) activities in the middle section of the parfleche. Students can create their own designs on regular construction paper, but if you have non-artists, or students who would rather simply color in pre-existing designs, here is your freebie to enable them to do that. Please feel free to stop by and check out my Great Plains Native American package that is also available in my store.

NOTE: This FREEBIE does NOT show you how to make a parfleche, but my students and I simply taped 3 pages of colored geometric designs together, and formed a pocket on the inside with additional paper going partially up the bottom portion of the open parfleche. We stapled non-foldable items into the middle section by stapeling toward the top section of this part of the parfleche.

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