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FREE MATH LESSON - “Addition and Subtraction Math Centers FREE SAMPLER”

by In the Math Lab
3rd Grade

This is a FREE SAMPLE PACK of 4 centers (of the 8) from my Add and Subtract Math Lab. This free sampler gives you a glimpse into the kinds of activities that make up my Math Labs. Let your kids try the 4 centers, with the accompanying Student Lab Book, to see how the sets work for you.

Math Labs are EASY PREP with no little and loose pieces to manage AND no multiple recording sheets to keep track of. The 8 centers target critical 3rd grade skills -- this SAMPLER covers addition and subtraction concepts, including a review activity, solid grade-level practice, and even a challenge activity. They are your SMALL GROUP SOLUTION for your addition and subtraction unit and feature targeted, high-interest activities that will keep your students engaged and thinking!


Math Labs build skills and fluency on key math topics per grade.

This Add and Subtract Math Lab SAMPLER includes:

> 4 MATH CENTERS (The full product includes 8 centers.)

  1. What Number am I? – students review expanded form and write each number in standard form in a cross-number puzzle. This center helps to review a skill needed for Center 6.
  2. Crack the Code - students solve 2-digit addition puzzles. They follow the code to complete a cryptogram.
  3. Color by Code – students use mental math to add multiples of 10.. They follow a code to color a picture.
  4. Solve It - students look at cards of “pumpkin people” and use their seed amounts to fill in and solve 3-digit addition and subtraction problems.


Students record their answers in the [SAMPLER] Addition and Subtraction Lab Book, a half-page booklet that keeps each student’s work together. Answer Keys for the 4 centers are also included.


Are you tired of explaining how to use different math centers every time you start a new math unit? I have Math Labs on all the big math topics in 3rd Grade—multiplication, division, area and perimeter, just to name a few. And, each of them uses a consistent format. This means that if you’ve demonstrated their use ONCE, your kids will have no problem using any of my different Math Labs throughout the year.

In addition, these math centers are versatile and can be used in multiple ways, depending on your students and your classroom organization. You can use them:

  • in guided math groups
  • in small groups as part of your math rotations
  • as independent work
  • in 8 stations around the room (similar to Science Labs, where each center is at its own station and students circulate to complete their Lab Book)
  • in the sub tub
  • in tutoring
  • for Math RTI
  • for fast finishers (the 8th challenge activity provides a good challenge for your high achievers

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Check out the FULL product here:

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