Monday, October 24, 2022

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “The Age of The Anthropocene English Language Learning Video for High School”

by ESL Lifeline
9th - 12th Grade

Teach your high schoolers about The Age of The Anthropocene with this educational video, complete critical thinking questions using on the included student handout, and hone listening comprehension skills all at the same time.

This video was built for high school ELA and ESL students who are interested in the ways our planet is changing and the possible reasons for it. The video presents a short introduction to the concept of The Anthropocene and the impact human activity has had on the planet. Use it to orient your students to the concept of human-induced change.

This FREE educational video is perfect for igniting interest, sparking debate, and fighting against the Challenges of Distraction.


THIS IS A COMPANION VIDEO LESSON that goes perfectly with my reading lesson on The Anthropocene. The lesson comes with a complete reading passage about human-induced change, vocabulary, critical thinking questions, an essay assignment, and more. Use them both together for the best experience. Click here to see it.



Ideal for 9-12 High School Students | Home School & Adult Education


2.44 Minutes (160 Seconds) of Playback


  • pre-viewing activity
  • listening comprehension questions
  • critical thinking questions
  • discussions
  • video graphics and narrated audio track


  • 1 Student Handout with Questions
  • 1 Answer Key Page
  • On-demand Video (via TpT)


About This Video

This video was created for educational purposes only and is not for redistribution.

The background music, ‘Inspiring Motivation Cinematic Trailer’, is courtesy of V Sudin (VitalSource) via Envato.

Some visual parts were purchased from

There are a mixture of multimedia elements that went into the creation of this video including Motion 5 & Final Cut Pro, as well as drawings composed on photoshop.


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