Sunday, March 15, 2015

Comprehensive Novel Studies

     Spring time means Standardized Test Time for most teachers.  This means more stress.  More anxieties.  More sleepless nights.
     Let's put it into perspective:  
  1. There are no colleges (that I am aware of) that demand a potential student provide their standardized test results to determine their acceptance.
  2. No real job judges a person on one test while employed.
  3. One test does not prove the worth of a child.

     What IS important are the tools we (teachers) provide our students with before entering society.  Have we provided them with the ability to read, decipher, internalize, and critically think about the information they have received?  Regardless of whether that information is from a news article, television, discussion with their boss, youtube, or social media, we have a duty to teach them how to be critical, discerning readers.  
     As you prepare your students for The Test (or tests), remember, you have done your best, worked your hardest, and loved your students.  

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