Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Language Arts Lesson - "Reading Badges"

Language Arts Lesson - "Reading Badges"

By Mary Pat Mahoney

What’s better than a gold star or smiley face sticker? A badge!

These badges can be used to help students set and meet reading goals – especially goals that challenge them to read new genres. 

This resource contains sixteen 2” badges in full color. The second page has the same badge without background color (less ink).

Use badges to motivate students to read twelve different genres:
• Fantasy
• Mystery
• Science fiction
• Biography
• Sports
• Animal stories
• Realistic fiction
• Fairy tales
• Classics
• Dystopia
• Historical fiction
• Nonfiction

Four motivational/multi-use badges:
• Reading goal met
• Reading is an adventure
• A book by my favorite author
• This book won a prize

Create tic tac toe boards, banners, badges, or frames to encourage students to read a variety of genres.

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