Sunday, March 15, 2015

Nonsense Word Fluency Resources by Lendahand's Printables

Nonsense Word Fluency Practice Packs for March, April, & May.o

For the Homeschooling Parent, Kindergarten, First and Second Grade

Can your students decode individual phonemes and blend them together to read? Use this NONSENSE WORD PACK to TRACK and MOTIVATE them to practice blending sounds and reading nonsense words. This RTI Nonsense Word Fluency Pack has 20 different lists with randomly ordered CVC nonsense words and includes a 'tracker' to record and track progress! 

This packet features a coloring cover sheet for a girl and one for a boy and can be used as a motivational incentive for students to track and improve their nonsense word fluency progress.

Collect enough folders for either your entire class, an R.T.I. Group, or a select few. Give the student the coloring sheet to color and staple it to the front of the folder. On the inside of the folder, tape or staple the student's progress (tracking) chart. Record the results and keep the papers inside as a form of documentation for ongoing informal conferencing with students and/or formal conferences with parents.

©Michelle Lenahan @ Lendahand’s Printables, 2015

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