Thursday, March 19, 2015

Language Arts Lesson- "NO PREP Common Core Reading Task Cards"

By: Adrienne Boone

Grades 4 & 5

Click here for the: Common Core Task Cards 

These fantastic Common Core reading task cards will push your student to think critically about what they read! Your students will infer, predict, summarize, and analyze the plot events, setting, and characters of their books. The task cards work for any type of literature/fiction novel and are a fantastic addition to your novel studies lessons or independent reading.

The lesson comes with teacher instructions, a student guideline page, a reading terms list, student checklist, and a student sample to teach from. You may use these 40 task card prompts as homework throughout the year and have students glue their responses into a journal. Or, you may want your students to work on keyboarding skills so they can create an E-portfolio to type their responses. I use these task cards in my own classroom for independent reading homework and we have the best discussions as a result of them. In addition, I also use the same prompts in class for our novel studies. The task cards can be re-used as they can relate to many different genres of fiction and any type of book that has a setting, plot, and characters!

Here is a sample task card: How do your main characters interact with the setting? For instance, do they live in the house where most of the story is set? Have they gone on an adventure to search for something? Please explain how the characters and setting are connected. 

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