Thursday, March 19, 2015

Language Arts Lesson - "Asking Questions Unit"

by Bethany Baptiste
3rd-5th grade

Watching readers transition from decoding text to comprehending it in a meaningful way is magical! Teaching young readers strategies to bring text to life will make learning to read 
more fun and motivating. 

This Asking Questions Unit uses engaging activities that guide readers to master the reading strategy of asking meaningful questions about what they read. Throughout the unit, students will independently practice the strategy and then apply it to their own reading.

This unit includes:
  • 1 'Ask Questions' Poster
  • 1 'Quality Questions' Poster or Handout
  • 3 Part Illustrated Read Aloud with Prompts to Practice Asking Questions While Reading
  • Practice Pondering Worksheet
  • Questioning Game for Whole Class or Small Group Play
  • 1 'When to Ask' Poster or Handout
  • 1 'Stop-Ask-Think' Poster or Handout
  • 4 Stop-Ask-Think Reading Passages to Practice Asking Questions
  • Stop-Ask-Think Reminder Bookmarks
  • 2 Post-It Practice Pages to Use While Asking Questions in Independent Reading
  • 1 Student Poster to Display Asking Questions Practice
  • 2-Sided Ask Questions Bookmarks with Reminders and Recording Notes Space

I hope you enjoy this unit and others from this series you can find in my store!

~ Bethany

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