Monday, March 2, 2015

Fact-Filled Bingo:
Sampler (Free)

“Fact-Filled Bingo: Sampler” is free fully-functional software that allows you to play Bingo in your classroom while learning Science, Social Studies and Math facts. The product is PC/Mac compatible and comes with 8 bingo cards suitable for laminating. Instead of calling numbers, a robot speaks the facts while students search their cards for matches. Download your free copy!

Like what you see? Fact-Filled Bingo is currently available in the topics below. Also included is a lesson showing how to make your PowerPoint presentations talk.

Your BINGO games are the best anywhere!! I use the trading cards as calling cards and we have many times got into a discussion about a particular event or person. LOVE these!!
Ancient Rome
Ancient Egypt
Age of Exploration
Revolutionary War
Westward Expansion
Civil War
Black History Month
Rainforest Animals
Ocean Life
Musical Instruments
Consonant Blends



Quick! If you had to make the number 32 using your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills and the numbers 2, 5, 6, 8 & 9 could you do it? This concept is the essence of Mathmazement, an online Flash game where you explore a 100 room house to find and store eight toys in one of three toyboxes. Some doors you can walk through while others contain a number such as 32 which you cannot open unless you possess that value in your rack. Did you get 6x5+2? How about 8x(6-2)? As you explore the house you gain points by visiting rooms, collecting toys, and solving math problems. Secret rooms and sound effects add to the fun.

This game is being offered under the shareware concept. Enter "Mathmazement!" in your favorite browser or go to to evaluate the fully functional version for free. If you and your students find the game enjoyable and educational then please consider purchasing the product for $5 through TPT. This will encourage me to write more educational games and support our family's efforts in foster parenting. Thanks!

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