Friday, March 6, 2015

Fahrenheit 451 Quizzes
These Fahrenheit 451 quizzes are broken down into the three sections of the book. "Part One: The Hearth and the Salamander" has 3 quizzes. Two quizzes are the same 20 multiple choice questions, but the answers have been mixed up in case you need to deter cheaters. The third quiz has the same questions, but the answer choices have been taken away so that it can be used as a more challenging quiz or as a reading guide. "Part Two: The Sieve and the Sand" has 15 questions set up exactly the same way as the first quiz with the 3 variations. "Part Three: Burning Bright" has 20 questions set up the same way as well with 3 variations. The questions on the quizzes are in order of the plot, which means you can break the quizzes into smaller quizzes if you prefer. You may have them read to certain breaks in the book, and you can match the quizzes to those page breaks. 

All answer keys are included. An editable PowerPoint is included as well in case you wish to change anything.

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