Thursday, March 5, 2015

Interactive Greek Drama PowerPoint Program

by Deann Marin at The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs II

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Are your students learning about GREEK culture? 

Do you want your class to understand how theater began?
This interactive power point presentation, can serve as an introduction to Greek Theater 
Greek Drama Unit
  in conjunction with my Greek Drama Unit, where the class will work in cooperative groups to write and present plays in the Greek style.

The slides show the history of theater from the earliest tragedies to the new comedy. Since the theater back then was completely different from those of today, part of this program includes the structure of the Greek theater. Thanks to the Greek civilization, where Drama began, we are lucky enough to have this type of leisure activity today.

Included are 20 questions that you can use for comprehension, and discussion. You may also make a copy of them to be used as a homework assignment.

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