Friday, March 6, 2015

Interactive Notebook for Students with Different Abilities, Part 2

I have just finished a HUGE product that I am SO excited to share with fellow teachers and parents both! I was reading “Teaching Reading to Children With Down Syndrome” by Patricia Logan Oelwein and decided to make a full color Interactive Notebook based on her research and ideas, while integrating my professional experience. 

This project is 223 pages long, so instead of overwhelming you with all of the features of this notebook, I am going to provide highlights throughout the next few weeks. 

For Part 2-

In this section, there are multiple opportunities to build words. Notice also there is a data collection system in the top right hand corner of the notebook. This is a piece that can be utilized as a parent- teacher communication tool. I have him sound out each word that we see and then he can pick one word to write out on the opposite page. 

There are multiple pages for each short vowel sound in this package. To find out more, check out the following link: 

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